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Eri de Sign is a fashion brand based in Athens (Greece) since 2010.

Eri de Sign creations are aimed at women who dare to stand out. To romantic women but at the same time dynamic and powerfull, who want to be well dressed from day to night. Each Eri de Sign creation is handmade and limited, since our philosophy is based on our inspiration which does not follow the rules of industrial production. Eri de Sign is the epitome of unique style.

Erifylli Kalpaka is the founder and designer of Eri de Sign. She began her journey to the design area by studying "ΙΙnterior architecture and object design" at the Athens university of applied sciences and continued  in Germany by studying "Fashion design" at Hochschule fur Technik and Wirthschaft Berlin.

"I launched Eri de Sign out of my love for art, design, and fashion. With my passion and creativity I’m dedicated to create timeless and exclusive designs for all of my clients." 

                                Erifylli Kalpaka

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